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Born (made)



Genderless (made to be Male)


Fluff ball


Skyler, Jonny, Hot girls, staring contests Puff


Brock Obama, people not voting for him, ugly girls, people mocking him, Justin Bieber


Puff (Brother) Geffory (cousin) Mr.King (Father) Mrs. Queen (Mother)


Skyler, Jonny, Puff, some of Brock Obama's helpers, Staring contest Judge,CeCe, Deena, Mom, Dad, Anthony, Ian, Will Crites, Geffory, Mr.King, Mrs. Queen, Lava Man, Pretty Summer, Sunshine, Cee Lo Green Sky Blue


Brock Obama, Will Crites(Voting War), Skyler (voting War), Jonny(voting War), Justin Bieber, CeCe (voting War), Deena(voting war), Anthony(voting war), Ian(voting war), Evil Puppy

Fluff is a purple Fluff ball with a googly eye glued to it and may look small but is super powerful.

Real life

Fluff mainly isn't important in Skyler and Jonny's lives but Fluff lives in Jonny and Eljah's (Jonny's friend) school locker and after a while one of Skyler and Jonny's good friends Will accidently knocked off Fluff's eyeball and Jonny had to glue it back on but after using dry glue it worked but Fluff's eyeball was pourly glued on for a while until Skyler took off the eye and used very good glue and Fluff is now good again.Fluff is about 1 inch tall and 1.3 inches wide Fluff weighs about 0.7 lbs.

Idea of Fluff

The idea of Fluff came from a girl named amed Amari and made a orange Fluff but was lost so it's location of Orange fluff is unknown.


Fluff made his first appearance in New Alien when Fluff appears from coming out of a spaceship and evryone thinks he is a alien so Skyler and Jonny fought Fluff but Fluff entered a Minefiled and a explosion blows up on him and leaves Skyler and Jonny sad making Skyler confese that he was trying to have fun but then find out Fluff survied and making Skyler and Jonny happy and run to fluff to hug him but forget that fluff was in a minefiled and blow up.

Fluff also appears in Clean V.S Dirty when Jonny is cleaning and making Fluff room to live in when Skyler comes in the room and scares Jonny making Jonny throw Fluff out the window and Jonny jumps out the window and trys to save Fluff and does but leaves scracthes all over his face and Skyler asks why he did that and Jonny repleys with "Fluff may be just a fluffyball with a googly eye glued to it to you but he is a good friend to me!" and then Skyler changes the subject complaining that the room is clean and says dirty is better and Jonny says clean is better and then they start a arrgument and Fluff Gets mad and tells them to f***in fight outside and throws Skyler and Jonny out of the house.

Fluff also appeared in Voting War he ran to be president and won.

He has his own website called [[1]] and a YouTube channel [[2]]


On Fluffs Youtube he Plans to upload 1 video everyday (Gametime w/Fluff on Mondays and Thursdays Random on Tusedays and Fridays Fluffs Death Video on Wensdays and Saturdays and Super Fluffy SUndae on Sunday)

Fluff has a Twitter he goes on Sometimes.


  • Fluff doesn't have any bones so It's impossible to kill Fluff.



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