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DEADLY TEDDY BEAR is a video uploaded by SkylerandJonny.



Skyler is sitting on a chair watching TV when Jonny walks and greets him but on for Skyler to say "Kim Kardashin's a bitch". Ignoring this Jonny says he found a teddy bear in a dumpster. He adds that a guy with a rifle started chasing him after he took the bear. Skyler starts to eat popcorn and Jonny trys to take some but only to be pushed away. Jonny thinks the teddy bear is alive but Skyler doesn't belive at first but jumps when the bear blinks at him. Jonny comes to a conclusion that the bear infact is alive. Skyler thinks that he is a "Teddy bear Jesus" but Jonny is suprised that they have "our own Ted". Jonny wonders if he can talk which after few seconds he does much to his suprise. Jonny then befriends the bear by hugging him. Jonny starts to get excited about it being "party time" and throws he bear on Skyler multiple times but Skyler keep throwing him back to Jonny. After Skyler finshes him popcorn they start to (poorly) party. On accident Skyler punches Pooh with makes him angery and says he is going to murder them. Skyler tells he didn't mean to do it but Pooh takes out a knife and kills Jonny. Skyler then seeks for Pooh. Pooh comes out slowly and Skyler says the battle need epic throwdown music. Peanut-Butter Jelly Time then plays but Pooh says it's incorrect and it music plays that says "It's Time to D-D-DUEL!" which Pooh agrees with. Pooh then flings him self at Skyler which almost hits him.

Jonny then shows up but Skyler thought he died, which he did. Skyler asks him how he came but but he speaks odd and Skyler tells him to speak English and Skyler speaks his own language and Jonny says back "Hasta La Vista mother Fu*ker!" and he says thats better.Jonny asks what's happening and Skyler says the bear is trying to kill him. They continue to chat then Skyler leaves to get something to eat.Skyler then comes back and asks Jonny if he can help with his magical power but sadly Jonny can't touch anything then leaves.

Pooh then demands to fight but Skyler starts drink some juice.Pooh then laughs at him the way he drink but Skyler tells him  to shut up.Pooh then relises that Jonny, who is picking his nose, is still alive but Skyler tells him he is a ghost.Pooh then gets worried that Jonny can kill him with his "Butt Powers" but Skyler tells he can't touch anything.Jonny then starts to twerk and Pooh thinks thats nasty and dies.

Skyler then celebrates his victory and trys to hug Jonny but he goes through him and lands on the knife which kills him.Skyler rises and Jonny is shocked and thinks he's alive but only for him to be a ghost.Pooh also seems to be a ghost but they all high five but Skyler fistbumps and Jonny thinks they need to work on that.





  • This is the first Skit video involving Chris Parkers being a actually character instead of doing voices or producing.
  • This the first video made by SkylerandJonnyProductions when every character featured dies.
  • Richard Caridan has said this is one of the very few Skyler and Jonny videos he is actually still proud of.