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List of Bobs

Bob is a character on the channel Savage Minotaur.


Bob seems to be happy to start with but gets mad when Nick or Richie  hurts him which is normal.He reveals in R.I.P BOB that he robbed a bank before.

Nuts the Video Game[]

Bob is one of the three protaginists of Nuts:The Video Game.


Death Causes[]

  • Apple News (Doesn't die but is hurt very badly by knife)
  • Apple's Last Words (Killed by knife but if he didn't die from the attack he could have died from the impact of hitting the ground)
  • Reading With Bob (Stabbed by knife but unknown if died)
  • BOB NO!! (Beat up by random people but doesn't die)
  • R.I.P BOB (Stabbed by pencil but seems to survive to say "Subsribe" but still dies somehow)
  • 50 Episodes (Doesn't play a role in episode just part of him can be seen)
  • Savage V.S Bob (Beat to death by Savage)
  • DERP(Taken away by knife)
  • Derp 2(Doesn't die)
  • Apple gets beat up(Beat to death)
  • Bob Is Back (Doesn't die but is stabbed by pencil in order to move)
  • Bob In the Bath (Doesn't die)
  • Bob Uprising part1(Doesn't die)
  • Happy Green Day (just makes a cameo when Nick asks him what he should wear)
  • Bob Montage (cut open with tomahawk)
  • Bob's Wound ()
  • Bob Uprising (Richie) ((Doesn't die))


  • Jonny has a tatoo on his hand reading "R.I.P Bob"